Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a systematic practice of yoga that follows fixed series of asanas, or postures, and is characterised by 'vinyasa'. This is a sequence of asanas, practiced in time with the breath which support the main asana. Students develop great awareness and control over the breath, body and mind through regular focussed practice.

Mysore-style classes are suitable for everyone, from complete beginner to experienced practitioner, as each student goes at their own pace according to experience and ability. The teacher will assist each person individually, and the focus is on developing the student's own practice.


Practice combines movement and breathing with asana to promote mindfulness and good health in the practitioner.

Regular practice, through the physical exercise and breathing control reduces stress and positively effects heart rate and blood pressure.

Yoga is tied with the traditional beliefs and spirituality of India. A student may choose to delve deeply into this aspect or simply enjoy feeling and effects of a good practice.


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