Ashtanga Yoga Nottingham is run on the principles of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’s shala in Mysore, India, where Paul and Jane studied and were granted the authorisation to teach. As my teachers, they link me to the origins of this practice and to the wider community that has branched out from that center.

On a day to day basis, in the shala they have established on the top floor of the Dragon pub, Paul and Jane’s teaching, their support, advice and the example of their own yoga practice, give me the space, belief, motivation and inspiration to carry on my journey in yoga. The peace, clarity and sense of purpose they have nurtured there is something I try to bring out into the rest of my day.

It has been a pleasure to experience the sense of camaraderie that builds with fellow students. There are regular faces, those that come and go and those who drop in while visiting Nottingham, coming from all parts of the world and linked by Ashtanga Yoga.

Other than Mysore practice, I have attended various A.Y.N workshops, some led by Paul and some by visiting teachers, also a number of weekend retreats run by Paul and Jane. These occasions have often provided a spur from some change of approach and bought new insight. They are also social occasions and particularly the retreats, remind me of the pleasure of eating, talking and spending time with others.

I have been practising Ashtanga Yoga for about 4 years. In that time I have become thinner and seen improvements in my flexibility, strength, stamina and general health. I would judge my ability to concentrate to be improved and my temperament more even. Yoga has given me a vantage point from where I can, more clearly, measure my life.

I take this opportunity to say Thank you!